Where is customer service at T-Mobile?

I recently had some billing issues with T-Mobile that I was unable to resolve with customer service. I took the next step of contacting the Better Business Bureau, and to my surprise, T-Mobile resolved the issue immediately.

Why was it that T-Mobile would listen to me when I went through the Better Business Bureau, but not when I called up directly?

To find out, I emailed a Senior Vice President, who put me in touch with T-Mobile’s Executive Customer Relations (ECR) team. Turns out that ECR handles customer issues exclusively for executives’ referrals, Government, Regulatory, Small Claims, or by the Better Business Bureau.

The ECR unit is fairly small (though not insubstantial) and is based at T-Mobile headquarters in Bellevue, WA. It is next to impossible to reach them directly, as they contact customers by referral only.

Bottom line? You can only get top-tier customer support if you’re friends with an executive or if you have a potentially explosive issue.

6 responses to “Where is customer service at T-Mobile?

  1. By the way, I haven’t tried this but if you need customer support try calling:

    Kelly Spindle
    Executive Customer Relations Coordinator
    T-Mobile USA
    877-290-6323 x8082

  2. Thanks for this great tip on using the BBB.

    I have always demanded companies provide the level of service they advertise. Rarely do they live up to that promise. Consequently, I make many complaints.

    My strategy was to call the corporate office in large companies and take my complaint to the top. The CEO would pass my complaint downward for very speedy resolution.

    For the last several years I have been unable to reach corporate officers as they have learned to hide from the public. Even the telephone numbers listed for corporations now feed to Customer Service.

    I tried your suggestion about using the BBB. I wasn’t surprised when I got a slightly individualized response from the target company. I rejected the response and replied back to the company through the BBB.

    The company responded again with their stock phrases about the “Legal Agreement” I accepted by using their service.

    But the big shock was the credit for my the total amount of my purchase. They paid me much more than the $14 penalty that I would have asked to receive.

    This is much easier than my plan to sue these arrogant companies in Small Claims Court.

  3. Susan Supplee

    the number above is an automated answering device whose instructions do not work
    see no other option than calling the BBB to see if any action will be taken with tmobile

  4. Old numbers. Try them.

    I have been a 3 year cutomer and need a new phone. I got a phone in 01/06 but they say it has not been ong enough? I donot get that. I have been a customer this long and have added a line and nothing. I called and they said I could get a phone at a reduced price but h ad to add another 2 years to my contract. The price they told me I could buy the same phone off Ebay w/warrenty. I have paid $600 phone bill twice in a row because of one of their Reps. i asked them to do something about it and they said “the bill has been cut we cant change it”, what does that mean?
    Senior Vice President
    > Customer Service
    > Sue Nokes 425-378-4991
    > Vice President
    > Customer Service Operations
    > John Birrer 425-378-6072
    > Vice President
    > Mobile Virtual Network Operators Team
    > Femi Lakeru 303-383-5955
    > Vice President
    > Customer Service (West)
    > Ted McMurdo 303-383-5755
    > Vice President
    > Customer Service (East)
    > Cindy Byrd 615-445-3814
    > Executive Director
    > Customer Service Operations Support
    > Liz Wallace 425-378-4259
    > Administrative Assistant
    > Dayna Atkins 425-378-4703

  5. The customer service is dead at T-Mobile. We need a copy of one of our invoices and our “authorized user” left the company. They would not reissue our invoice. They tell me I have to talk to Business Care to change the authorized user with a twleve business day process time.

    They have no phone number at Business Care (I guess they work in a secluded cave) but they have e-mail and fax. E-mails get automated responses so who knows how long it takes for them to be read. All the time I’m on hold they have the nerve to play messages about how they are proud to be a top rated customer service company four years in a row by JD Power. Based on this incident I have lost a lot of faith in JD Power.

    The authorized user is a great defensive tool to prevent changes to your accomt. You don’t want John Smith adding lines or moving addresses but for crying out loud I’m just trying to get a copy of an invoice. I’m not asking it to be mailed to a house or a derelict building. I want it sent to the same place you sent the last bill. Totall lack of meaningful support to disallow that kind of support. So be wary should your “Authorized User” ever desire to leave your company or jaywalk on a regular basis because if they ever leave or die, you’re going to find your T-Mobile account support swirling down the porcelain throne.

  6. Finally Resolved!

    I went round and round with the cust service reps at T-Mobile. What a waist of time! No on there has any authority to do anything other than what is taught in basic training. Not even the cst service manager will help. As a matter of fact, you get more of an attitude from them! My advice – dont waist your time. I contacted the BBB like to previous e-mail said to do. Within 2 days of filing the complaint, I had a rep from the T-mobile Presidents office calling me to resolve the complaint. In less than one week the money was credited to my account!!! Thanks for the help. Oh, and dont waist your time looking for a complaint line – they dont have one in the US.

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