14 Types of Strategy

Who knows strategy? Everything has become “strategic” and everyone is involved with “strategy” – but people’s notions of strategy are often fundamentally different. Here are 14 different contexts in which strategy may be used

1. Military Strategy: “Strategy” originated in military thinking. Military strategy is the art of identifying objectives and high-level plans that will achieve the desired ends

2. Corporate Strategy: setting objectives of the company with a view towards long-term success, choosing markets to enter/exit, etc

3. Business Strategy: understanding how a company’s resources (strengths, weakness, etc) can be exploited to achieve corporate objectives

4. IT Strategy: managing IT projects and systems so that IT can provide necessary capabilities to core business

5. HR Strategy: Approach to hiring and managing employees to capture most value from employees

6. Marketing Strategy: How to target parts of the market and craft compelling message to them – utilizing funds to maximize sales

7. Tax Strategy: Identifying legal ways to avoid taxes

8. Job Search Strategy: Improve quality of job offers while minimizing search time

9. College Admissions Strategy: Approach to getting into the “best” colleges, often begun in preschool

10. Investment Strategy: Tactics to maximize alpha while minimizing beta

11. Political/Campaign Strategy: Tactics to win

12. Poker Strategy: Tactics to win

13. Chess Strategy: Tactics to win

14. Football Strategy: Tactics to win

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