How to sell a blender…

“…For just 3 easy payments of $33.33”

I was flipping through the TV stations late at night, when I ran across an infomercial for a blender. For someBlender - As Seen on TV reason I found it slightly unusual – maybe it was the high-energy actors at 3:00 in the morning. But I starting thinking about what it takes to sell an ordinary household object at extremely high prices.

Here’s what they did…

First, have a slight twist to make it seem out-of-the-ordinary. This was no ordinary blender, you see, this was a personal blender – that was just the right size for 1-2 servings. Could a normal blender do the same thing – sure. But they didn’t make a comparison – they only emphasized the key feature.

Second, have excitement about the product. There were two high-energy people doing the demo, and two “audience members” on the other side of the counter overjoyed to see how the device would change their lives.

Third, sell the goal, not the means; in other words, emphasize the problem that is solved, not the product that solves it. In this case, they demonstrated how easy it was to make chocolate mousse, fruit shakes, etc. The focus was on the food you could make – and the device was the way to make it. What had initially caught my attention was that the infomercial looked more like a cooking show than an infomercial!

Finally, ignore product defects. The target audience won’t read reviews and will purchase based on what they see in the demo. Once they have purchased, have the user compensate for any deficiencies in the product with a complicated set of instructions – it’s not the fault of the product, it’s the fault of the user.

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