Going digital: video surveillance and pulling teeth

Industries have moved into the digital age at different speeds. As information capture becomes digital, a massive amount of data goes “live” and can be parsed and analyzed in real-time. This leads to a host of new possibilities. Here are two examples:

First, in the world of physical security, digital video recorders (DVRs) are a relatively new phenomenon, only gaining mainstream support within the last five years or so. Initially, it was only large, sophisticated security companies that could develop such systems – for example, airport security could track individual passengers as they move throughout the terminal. (And can even detect if a passenger abandons a bag!) Now that digital systems are becoming more commonplace, startups such as Agent VI are able to enter the market as well and leverage the vast data made available by modern digital systems.

Second, the field of dental laboratories is about to change dramatically, as technology moves from physical casts of teeth (for crowns, implants, etc) to digital imaging and CAD/CAM fabrication technology.

The move towards digital technology leads to a wealth of information, which in turn enables secondary, value added services.

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