Announcing the Analytic Toolkit v5.0

Anyone in consulting (particularly strategy consulting) may find this excel tool useful in doing basic manipulations (e.g., calculating CAGRs) to complex opportunity rankings (using a scoring mechanism).

The tool has been used by consultants at McKinsey, Arthur D. Little, Adventis, and many other companies.

The Analytic Toolkit is available for free at

Graphical tools include:

  • A Chart Labeler that labels the points of a scatter plot in an excel chart – a feature not included within excel
  • A Table-to-Powerpoint tool that takes an excel table and converts it to text boxes in powerpoint. In powerpoint, the boxes can be reformatted to give a highly professional appearance
  • A Waterfall Chart maker – that takes input through excel and creates waterfall charts in powerpoint
  • A Merimekko Chart maker – that takes data input in excel, and creates merimekko charts in powerpoint

Statistical / Analytical tools include

  • A CAGR calculator that takes beginning and end years and values as input to calculate the Compound Annual Growth Rate.
  • A scoring mechanism to rank opportunities, projects, markets, by multiple criteria – a classic framework for many strategy consulting projects
  • A margin of error calculator – easily determine statistical margin of error and confidence intervals for surveys

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