Discovering a New Species on Ebay

“Instead of digging in the dirt, British entomologist Richard Harrington has found a new species of aphid for $37 on eBay – amber-encased, estimated 35-50 million years old.”
–    Science, Vol 321, Aug 28 2008

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Facing a severe budget crisis, Harvard University president Drew Faust announced a new initiative to control costs by encouraging research faculty to integrate E-Bay into future research projects. “E-Bay represents an untapped frontier for scientific research,” stated Faust. “If an entomologist can discover a new species from the comfort of his home for just $37, we have the ability to make more than 4 million discoveries even when we slash costs and close laboratories.” Faust noted that most departments will benefit from this approach, as ebay categories include scientific equipment, literature in all languages, technology, souvenirs (for sociology and anthropology), and even maps and astronomical observations.

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