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A small victory for all U.S. citizens

With so much going wrong these days, at least all U.S. citizens and companies can breathe a sigh of relief at the following:

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White in the Northern District of California rejected the Bush administration’s argument that no warrant was necessary to look through the electronic files of an American citizen who was returning home from a trip to South Korea.

Oh wait… that wasn’t the Bush administration that was claiming the right to seize a traveler’s laptop, keep in locked up for months, and examine it for contraband files without a warrant half a year later. That was the Obama administration. Fortunately the courts were there to prevent obscene abuse of executive power.

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Beginning of a New Era

Today I could feel the beginning of a new era. A time for hope, for better health and safety. For enjoying the simple things of life.

That’s right – this morning I changed my Brita filter.

The dangers of an old Brita filter have serious and far-reaching implications. Because Brita filters out Chlorine, bacteria flourish in old filters.

Small businesses are also at stake. Bottled water is a $2 billion industry.  The average firm has roughly $10 million in revenue and 23% net profit margins. Without our continued vigilance, the 7,414 employees working in this industry might have their jobs at stake.

Enjoy a fresh glass of water.  Cheers!