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Ethics in the Era of the Consultant

Howard Gardner, the Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, tells us that the time has come to reinvent ethics to fit our “modern” society. His conclusion: “If we can draw on wise people across the age spectrum, and enable virtual as well as face-to-face discussion, ¬†we are most likely to arrive at an ethical landscape adequate for our time.” In short, the consultant model: a team of a few analysts, a manager, and a senior partner via both face-to-face meetings and conference calls can tell us how to lead our lives in optimal fashion. Thank you, Howard, for that insight. Do you prefer skype or polycom?


Announcing the Analytic Toolkit v5.0

Anyone in consulting (particularly strategy consulting) may find this excel tool useful in doing basic manipulations (e.g., calculating CAGRs) to complex opportunity rankings (using a scoring mechanism).

The tool has been used by consultants at McKinsey, Arthur D. Little, Adventis, and many other companies.

The Analytic Toolkit is available for free at http://AnythingResearch.com

Graphical tools include:

  • A Chart Labeler that labels the points of a scatter plot in an excel chart – a feature not included within excel
  • A Table-to-Powerpoint tool that takes an excel table and converts it to text boxes in powerpoint. In powerpoint, the boxes can be reformatted to give a highly professional appearance
  • A Waterfall Chart maker – that takes input through excel and creates waterfall charts in powerpoint
  • A Merimekko Chart maker – that takes data input in excel, and creates merimekko charts in powerpoint

Statistical / Analytical tools include

  • A CAGR calculator that takes beginning and end years and values as input to calculate the Compound Annual Growth Rate.
  • A scoring mechanism to rank opportunities, projects, markets, by multiple criteria – a classic framework for many strategy consulting projects
  • A margin of error calculator – easily determine statistical margin of error and confidence intervals for surveys